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At Forever Health and Fitness Center we are dedicated to providing our members with all the amenities of a large gym, while maintaining the friendly, personable atmosphere of a small town health club.

With our combination of Personal Training, group exercise classes, free weights, cardio equipment, boxing, racquetball, and basketball we have all the tools necessary to help you reach your fitness goals.

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Under new Ownership! Call or stop by for monthly specials and see all the renovations and exciting new equipment and trainers!

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Before I get started about Andreja, let me say a few words about the gym first.
I have been going to this gym for years under different managements and if never has been great. Dirty floors and machines, funky smells and broken machines. A lot of the cardio machines never worked and other little aggravating things like it seemed there were no paper towels when you needed them.
Since you guys took over, the gym is now clean and the machines are well maintained and I have never seen the paper towels dispenser empty. Also the gym has a new energy and electricity which I know is a direct result of you and your staff. It’s an all-around better experience. So well done!

 Starting late 2013 I decided to get serious and started going to the gym 5 times a week. You noticed and tried to get me to improve my workouts and hire a personal trainer. As you know, after putting it off for a while you talked me into it and introduced me to Andreja mid-February. You were correct, I was wasting my time working out alone. Andreja has lots of energy and seems to really enjoy helping me reach my goals. She pushes me more than I ever could alone. She mixes all kinds of exercises which has dramatically improved my strength, flexibility, balance and endurance. I tore up my knee playing football back in high school and since then have really favored that knee, Andreja knows this and gives me exercises that strengthen it and it already has shown improvement in my daily life out of the gym. For example, I golf a lot and usually after a round my knee is sore, not this year, the knee feels great! She is also teaching me how to breathe better during exercise and how to stretch properly. She works all areas of the body and my muscles are sore in places that I didn’t even know I had muscles! She is very good at pushing me to my limits and I definitely feel it the next day. In fact one day in week 2 or 3 of our sessions she asked me if I was sore from the last session, to which I replied “I’ve been sore since I met you!”. We still laugh about that and it’s still true today! We definitely laugh a lot during the session and aside from the all the tough work she makes it fun. I often find myself lying on the matte exhausted and laughing. Going into month 3 I have lost 10 pounds and 2 inches around the waistline. Still have a long way to go but I know with Andreja I can get there. Thank you Andrea!

And thank you for pushing me into this, I really needed it.
 Brian M.
I have truly enjoyed training with Andreja over the past number of months. When I started, I hadn’t worked out in years; and given my age, I wasn’t sure what would be possible. I’m pleased to say that I continue to see steady improvement and am so happy to be regaining my strength and health. Andreja is extremely knowledgeable and knows all of the small details and refinements to make certain exercises more impactful. She uses a variety of techniques to keep things interesting and is able to motivate me to do give my all. Andreja is passionate about health and fitness, which is contagious. I have learned a lot from her and she has opened my mind to new ways of experiencing health and food. Jeri Owen Vice President, Marketing
I just wanted to take a few minutes to thank Rachael at Forever Fitness. Before I go forward singing the praises, let me give you some insight to how this all came about. Fifteen years ago I was playing hockey, volleyball, basketball…you name it, and I played it. I was in good shape and feeling good about myself. Then I tore my ACL, MCL and Meniscus playing hockey. Then almost exactly a year later I tore that same ACL again! Soon after, I got married and settled down. Over the years I gained a lot of weight and exercised very little, if at all. I few years ago I tried to start dieting and exercising again. I lost about twenty pounds, but continually had knee issues and had to stop. Soon after, I stopped dieting and before I knew it, I was back to my original weight PLUS TEN MORE POUNDS. Then about five months ago I walked into Forever Fitness. Thinking about starting another cycle of loses some, gain more. I was greeted. Forever Fitness staff was very pleasant and informative. I was asked if I considered a personal trainer. I had never considered it. Plus, it would be way too expensive. I was then asked if I was willing to do a quick evaluation workout to see what kind of shape I was in. “Pathetic!” would be a good word to describe my conditioning and strength. Sure, I could still bench-press over 300lbs, but I could only do one and a half tricep dips and ten pushups were a struggle! That convinced me that I needed to do something different. Forever Fitness worked with me to find something that fit my budget. That’s when I met Rachael. I can’t even describe to you how awesome it’s been teaming up with her. I feel she is the perfect blend of friend, trainer and drill sergeant. She truly cares about her clients. She knows just how to motivate you in a positive way. And she knows how to push you further than you though possible. You probably won’t appreciate that at the time, but you sure will after. She also showed me how to use proper form while working out. And since I started working with Rachael, I haven’t had any issues with my knee. I’m a little more than half way through my sessions with Rachael (thirty-two, thirty minute sessions, twice a week) and I’ve lost more than FIFTY POUNDS! Last week I had to do fifty tricep dips (I couldn’t even do two five months ago) and completed them without any trouble. I was amazed at the progress I’ve made in such a short time. If my story sounds familiar, don’t be afraid to take that next step and talk to Forever Fitness. I’m so glad I did! Scott R
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